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Simple Cut to Length Line

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Simple Cut to Length Line

The simple cut to length line is specially designed for low capacity but economical investment. It is developed from ordinary transversal cutting machines, but retains their functions and simplifies the structure to lower cost. This line is also known as simple cut-to-length production line. It is typically used for small slitting demand. Customers often use this simple cut to length line to slit coil for own use rather than for external processing service.


Working Process of Simple Cut-to-Length Production Line

Hydraulic decoiler -Feeding roller- Leveling rollers – Cutting device- convey – automatic stacker


Technical Parameters of Simple Cut to Length Line

Item Parameters Remark
Material Raw material Color sheet and galvanized plate  
Yield Strength (Mpa) 230 to 300  
Thickness (mm) 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm
Slitting Width (mm) 80mm to 1250 mm  
Working Speed (m/min) about 15 m/min  
Slitting Blade 6 pcs 1pc as spare part
Main Motor Power (KW) 2.2 depend on final design
Hydraulic Motor Power (KW) 5.5 depend on final design
Total Power 7.7 depend on final design
Dimension (L × W × H) (m) 12 × 3 × 2 depend on final design

Structure Components of Simple Cut-to-Length Production Line

Name Description Qty Technical Details
Decoiler Passive Decoiler 1set arm type, hydraulic expanding, passive decoiling
Feeding Guide Device 1set 1. Roll inner supporting structure type: column
2. Motor driving, the back/forward rollers driven by chain, part of upper/lower rollers driven by gear
3. Cutting blade material Cr12 quenched treatment
4. Slitting blade material Cr12 quenched treatment
5. Roll conveyor adopts 4 group rubber rollers.
Film System 1 set
Roller Conveyor 1set
Cutting Device 1set
Slitting Device 1set
Supporting Table Supporting Table 1set Support finished products. Length will be 4 m.
Hydraulic System 1set Main machine and decoiler uses inside-placed and separated hydraulic station.
Electric System 1set 1. PLC Control, encoder automatic cutting in length
2. Operation mode: touch screen and button
3. Adjust the speed by AC frequency conversion.