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TR4-36 metal roofing sheet rolling forming machine for Peru

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TR4-36 metal roofing sheet rolling forming machine for Peru for wall and roofing system

The TR4-36 profile features four 1 1/2” [38 mm] deep ribs on 9” [229mm] centers which gives an attractive, standing rib appearance. TR4-36 side laps in the high cell when used as a wall or roof panel.All Exposed Fastener wall panels may be installed in a variety of rainscreen applications

to form a complete wall system. This profile is quite popular in South American.

Here is the TR4-36 drawing profile for your reference:


TR4-36 metal roofing sheet rolling forming machine 


This machine is designed based on knowing fully requirements of this Tr4 drawing profile. The metal roofing sheet machine, we design like this:


Processing flow diagram of Tr4 metal roofing sheet machine:

Decoiler→ Feeding →Roll forming →Measure length →Hydraulic cutting →Output table

2.Technical parameters for Peru Tr4 Trapezoidal Metal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine :

Article No. Item Name Specification
       1 Width of feeding material 1000 mm coil sheet
       2 Thickness of feeding material 0.3-0.8 mm coil sheet
       3 Roller station 19 stations
       4 Shaft Diameter 90 mm
       5 Productivity 55 m/min
       6 Rollers’ material Gcr15 quenching with 0.1 mm chrome
       7  Shaft material 45# steel with 0.1 mm chrome
       8 Weight 7 tons
       9 length 7.5 meter
      10 Voltage 220V 50Hz 3phases
      11 Control Portable PLC
      12 Decoiler 5 tons
      13 Motor 5.5 kw
      14 Driving way Chain transmission
      15 Chain size Double chain
      16 Cutting system Hydraulic cutter with two hydraulic Jacks


Why Zhongtuo metal roofing sheet machine is different with others?


  1. For the rollers, all we design with keynotes for rollers and shaft tightly together:

2.For the spacer, we also use seamless pipe and thickness is more thicker to make sure the machine long time to use and high accuracy. This kind of spacer will not go rusting easily. It can protect the shaft in some degree:

3.For the rollers, we use the material GCR15 quenching at 58 degree to make sure the hardness of rollers. For some bigger rollers, we will do the quencing even if two or three times.

4.The last but the most important of our roofing sheet machine is easy for installation. We will put the PLC and hydraulic station all together, when machine arrives to you, simply connect the main electricity, that is enough. All the installation could be finished within half an hour.

For the PLC control, Zhongtuo machinery designs like this:

Aviation plugs