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Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine

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Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine

Steel deck floor forming machines have been designed for the production of various types of metal decks which are usually applied for roofing and floor industries, and sometimes for bridge construction as well. Zhongtuo Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine allow you to do the batch production of metal decking in batch fully automatically. Floor decking machine is designed according to the customer drawing profiles, here I list some of them for your reference:

Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine design:

Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine Working Flow:


Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine Parameters for your reference:

Main Forming



Forming steps 32 steps
Shaft diameter 90mm
Design type Middle plate welded
Machine frame thickness 20mm
Machine frame 400# H steel welded
roller material 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
shaft material 45# steel
Work speed including shearing 8-12m/min
Transport By chains of 1.25mm
Power of main machine 15kw

Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine Embossing rollers

Rollers manufactured from high quality GCR15 steel, CNC lathes, Heat Treatment.

with black treatment  time and time again or Hard-Chrome Coating for options.


Body frame made from 350# H type steel by welding. And the metal decking embossing could be designed according to customer requirement:

Another decking of embossing for your reference:


Why choose Zhongtuo metal Steel Decking Floor Roll Forming Machine?


  1. Strong 4 pillar frame of post cutting. Meanwhile we design with the strong holder of cutting blade and then it can make the cutting blade long time to use. The cutting blade is much more thicker than the normal one.

  1. For the metal decking, embossing rollers are quite important.So we design with brake and make gear outside and then it can feed coil to machine easily. With and without embossing it is easy to be adjusted.

  1. For the testing, we have seriously process.