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Steel Sheet Slitting Line Machine for Metal Simple Automatic

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Steel Sheet Slitting Line Machine for Metal Simple Automatic Supplier Manufacture Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Line

Steel Sheet Slitting Line Machine for Metal Simple Automatic Supplier Manufacture Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Line is one most popular type of metal plate slitting lines. It consists of Decoiler, Feeding system, Leveling System, Slitting System, Scrape coil system, Correcting&Damping system, Recoiler and Electrical system. It’s suitable for processing thickness range from 0.2mm to 2.0mm thick, metal sheet width from 300-1250mm steel coils. This slitting line can run with max work speed 30m/min. We adopt 18mm wall board to make machine frame strong, moreover, PLC with touch screen operation make the line simple and easy to usage.

Working flow:

Decoiler-Feeding—Leveling—Slitting—-Correcting and Damping-Recoiler

Components of equipment:

Motor decoiler 1 set
Slitting 1 set
Correcting and damping 1 set
Auto hydraulic recoiler 1 set
Electrical control cabinet 1 set

Detailed information:

1) Motor decoiler
Motor: 5.5kw
Capacity (Max): 8 Tons
Inner diameter 450-550mm
Coil Width (Max.): 1250mm


2) Coil transmission
Transport roller: 45# forge steel, quenched and chrome coated 0.05mm
Width of roller: 1500mm
Motor power: 3KW


3) slitting part
Disc slitting blade
Number of disc blade: 11groups
Material of disc blade: Cr12mov
Material of main shaft: steel and Rubber covered
Slitting speed: 20-30m/min
Motor power: 11KW
Scrape recoiler
Rotary according to slitting device


4) correcting and damping
Correcting rollers: three rollers, 45#forge steel and chrome coated 0.05mm


5) Recoil system with correcting device
Expanding: hydraulic
Capacity: 5 Tons
Hydraulic power: 5.5KW
Motor power: 7.5KW
Inner diameter 450-550mm
Recoiler width 50-1250mm(adjustable)
Automatic recoil with correcting device


6) Electrical control cabinet
Electrical system: PLC Panasonic 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase(also depend on customer demand)
Transducer YASKAWA, made in Japan
Weight 10.5 tons
Production area 18.5×3.5×2.1meters

Character of main structure:

The structure is simple and the appearance of the machine is beautiful because we adopt the shape-steel structure and most of the connectors are screw which make the machine flexible and stronger.

All the components of machine are from brand-famous enterprise so that they ensure the machine normal function very effectively.We adopt the automatic length-fixed forming and cutting to guarantee the length to be precise and the finished product clear without deforming .

It is very easy to install the equipment and suitable for producing in the factory.

Low noise with high efficiency.