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Metal Sheet Coil Slitter Line Steel Coil Slitting Machine

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funcation for the steel coil slitting machine
Steel coil slitting machineis a high speed line, to match the large quantity production needs.This machine is main make the big width coil slit to small strips.

small simple glavanized stainless steel slitter and cutter slitting machine equipment’s technical parameter

Model Manual slitting machine
material Stainless steel
Warrant 1 year
Use of machine Coil slitting
Line speed 10-12/min
power electric
Feeding width 600-1250mm
Power of motor 3KW
shaft diameter 60mm(or as customer’s demand)
color any
Step of forming roller 13
Material of frame 80mm H shape steel welding
Thickness of middle plate 12mm
Drive type Drive by chain
chain 19.05mm
weight About 0.9T
Appearance size 1.5m (length)*1.0m (width) *1.2m (height)
Package shipping package, if have special requirement, add package charge

The whole production line include the 15 Tons hydraulic decoiler with loading car one set, slitting machine one set,scrap winder two sets, tension stand one set, and automatic recoiler one set. Before the installation,we will provide the fundation drawing, and the customer prepare the foundation as the drawing.

To make the coil material feed into the slitting machine and tension machine smoothly, need make two storage pits on the ground.

Here please check some main machine units as below:


Slitting machine of the steel coil slitting machine:

ower part: This is composed of power-stand, 650decelerator, 45KW direct current motor,

gear distributing case, coupler, spindle, connecting-cover, etc.

Host machine: This is composed of bottom-stand, fixed bracket, big slide, knife pivot(φ180mm, 2pcs),movable bracket, slide, the front and back adjustable device of bracket, knife pivot lifting and pressing down adjustment device,accompany of  blade, separating cover, rubber band and 10 blades with the machine

It change the blades through moving out the bracket hydraulically and is very convenient and fast

The scrap winder of the steel coil slitting machine:

It consists of base, the shaft and plate of scrap material, friction wheel, supporting wheel chain, chain, 350 decelerator and 7.5Kw electric machine.
The tension stand of the steel coil slitting machine:

This is composed of frame, preliminary dividing shaft, bracket, pressing shaft, hydraulic damping device,lifting and pressing device for pressing shaft, set of dividing slice and cover, etc.

Block device: hydraulic drives it up and down according to the material thickness.

Three hydraulic cylinders to make the pressure adjustable so that it can make the different thickness material’s tension power.

It also can ensure the recoiling quality.